[geeklog-devel] Non table layout (was Geeklog 1.9.0 or Geeklog 2.0.0?)

Yuji Tsuchida tani.os2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 04:18:06 EDT 2012

Hi all.

 I consider that the essence of this problem is that the
element (ex.right_block) needed for a whole layout is not
decided, before making a HEAD element in COM_siteHeader().

 If the element needed for a whole layout at the time of
execution of COM_siteHeader() is decided, I think that
we can switch style.css or etc., if needed.

 Supposing this problem is solved, I believe that use of a
much more dynamic and flexible layout is enabled in Geeklog.
It's is not limited to CSS layaut, in case Table layout too.

 My question is, why not change those functions forever? B)

 I think it is difficulte to keeping back-compatibility,
but it's necessary to get Geeklog's bright future. :)

But I don't have good idea, maybe someone have good idea.

Tani (Yuji Tsuchida)

2012/4/10, Dan Stoner <danstoner at gmail.com>:
> I would definitely like to be able to blog more easily from my (Android)
> phone.
> - Dan Stoner
> 2012/4/9 今駒哲子 Geeklog IvyWe <komma at ivywe.co.jp>:
>> Hi, Ben
>> You are right, I think.
>> Non table layout is important.
>> WordPress and XOOPS cube CMS use non table layout and
>> responsive web design as default theme.
>> Responsive web design is very important because we use iPad, iPhone,
>> Android, too.
>> And all of them support JavaScript.
>> HTML does not require table tag for layout.
>> Table layout is old fashioned web design.
>> 2012/3/15 cordiste <cordiste at free.fr>:
>>> Can someone explain to me where is the issue with non table layout?
>>> Purepro theme [1] can use 1, 2 or 3 columns even with JS disabled.
>>> Ben

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