[geeklog-devel] Geeklog.net Site Redesign - Topic Ideas

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Feb 22 09:20:18 EST 2012

Sounds good. I guess we will still keep the topic id as server but change
the name to Geeklog.net


The odd time we do get articles submitted on hacks for Geeklog. Should we
add a Hacks topic as well under Development?


So if we go ahead with this we will need a few new topic icons (Development,
Themes, Hacks, News).


Proposed Topic list:


* Home

** Development

*** Geeklog

*** Plugins

*** Themes

*** Hacks

** News

*** Announcements

*** Summer of Code

*** Security

*** Geeklog.net (formerly Server)

** Archive (Private)

*** AptitudeCMS (Private)

*** Bugs (Private)

*** Developers Only (Private)





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The organization you laid out looks good to me. I do have a couple of

1. Make the "Archive" topic and all child topics (i.e. AptitudeCMS) private.
All of those topics are dead. I only suggest private because it would be
nice to keep them around for "historical" purposes.
2. Rename "Server" to "geeklog.net" or something else more descriptive
("Site Messages" ... ). 


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