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---Rant on--
Ohh brother....how far out of wack is the Demo Next going to be?  I was 
under the impression that NO further features would be created once the 
final beta version was out.  Now here we are flirting and courting new ideas 
and additions/changes after RC1 was released.  We are supposed to be in a 
bug fix phase!
--Okay rant off--

Let me know when I can grab an updated RC1 copy for the demonext.geeklog.net 


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At least until we start to work on 2.0.1  :-)

We needed the updated topic admin list so I am glad it is in there. I tested
it out and everything works as expected. The sorting feature is nice as well
and makes things easier.

Let's finish up on the rest of the bugs so we can get Geeklog 2.0.0rc2 out
the door.  I hope this will be the last release candidate before the final
is released.


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> Dirk wrote:
> Can I suggest that we stop adding new features now? We're supposedly in
the Release Candidate (rc) phase now and adding new stuff at this point will
only delay the release any further.
> I'll run the scripts to update the language files one more time .

Dirk, I'm sorry to trouble you.
And thank you for your time and attention.
I will refrain from adding new features.

Yoshinori Tahara - dengen
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