[geeklog-devel] GSoC 2013

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Apr 20 03:49:55 EDT 2013

> There's the usual IRC feedback session for rejected orgs on April 19th that I intend to attend to see if I can get some usable feedback for future improvements.

Well, this was pretty much the same as last year: We didn't do anything wrong, both the ideas page and actual application were fine, we did make it to the last round and we should try again last year.

Google did obviously not accept quite a few orgs back in this year that have participated before to give new orgs a chance. Given the numbers (417 orgs applying vs. 177 orgs accepted) that's understandable.

The complete (short) conversation can be found here: http://ibot.rikers.org/%23gsoc/20130419.html.gz starting at 21:42:40

I'm not sure what exactly we can do then to improve our chances next year. I can understand the restraints Carol is operating under. All things being equal, a small org that's been in GSoC will probably lose in favour of giving some new org a chance to participate.

Given that there are also a lot of CMS that apply each year, she also has to keep the mix of topics in mind (something she also mentioned in the feedback for other orgs). So I was wondering if we should seek some sort of umbrella to slip under?

However, it's hard to find a suitable umbrella. Fedora is already an odd one (and probably a one-time thing) - we don't have much in common with a Linux distribution. A lot of small Python projects often come in under the PSF umbrella, but there's no equivalent in the PHP world (and the performance of the PHP project as a GSoC org has been less than stellar). A "CMS umbrella" would also feel odd, given that we are all "competing" with each other and differ widely in our approach and technologies.

Oh well, we have another year to come up with an idea. If you have one, even an odd one, please share it.

bye, Dirk


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