[geeklog-devel] The problem of "context" in the GSoC crowdsourcing translations project

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Apr 27 09:21:34 EDT 2013

In discussing the "crowdsourcing translations" project for GSoC, we stumbled across a problem: One of the ideas was to display a string that's to be translated "in context", so that you - as the translator - would get a better idea what that word or sentence is really about.

That sounds like a good idea, but the problem is that you can't really provide the context for a text string that you pick from the language file at random. There may be a template file involved or the text depends on the user's role or it may only be displayed when an error occurs. In addition to that, the strings from the $LANG arrays are often concatenated together and combined in a rather random fashion - one string from $LANG08, another from $LANG04, etc.

I guess that really only leaves you with rather unspecific context information, such as that texts from $LANG04 are used in the user settings form.

Does anyone have any feasible ideas or should we better drop this idea from the project?

bye, Dirk


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