[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 2.1.0 Release Schedule

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sun Dec 8 10:30:09 EST 2013

With the wiki editor issues and the current option for the HTML filtering
solution still undecided I am going to hold off the beta release until those
have been fixed.


Once those are done I would then like to release the beta 1 (with the plan
of fixing a few of the recently reported bugs once it is released).


With the second beta release (or RC 1) Geeklog 2.1.0 should be pretty solid
and I will then probably update Geeklog.net with it. (hoping that the third
release will be final)




PS I included the HTML filtering options below just so everyone else knows
what I am talking bout


From: Tom [mailto:websitemaster at cogeco.net] 
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To: 'Yoshinori Tahara'
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Subject: RE: Weird Geeklog Article issue



Currently the HTML filter for articles are applied in real time and are
based on the html permissions of the owner. The downfall of this approach is
that if the Admin edits the article they cannot add any HTML that the
current owner does not have access too (it just gets filtered out).

Here is the options as I see them for applying the html filtering on
articles, etc..

1) Keep track of who last edited the article (or comment, etc..) then the
filter can be applied in real-time. we would apply the filter in real-time
but we would also keep track of who last edited the article (extra field in
the story table). When applying the html filter the class would use the last
edited user instead of who owns actually owns the article. Doing it this way
still keeps the article whole and allows us to mimic how it worked before. 

2) Apply the html filter on save of the object. This mimics the behavior of
previous Geeklog versions. 
3) Have a config option that allows the Admin to set for the entire site if
they want the filtering done in real-time (when the article is viewed) or on
article save. This is a combination of how it works now along with option 2.


I think I like option 1 the best but it is a bit more work. It keeps the
html filter in real-time and applies the filter to the last person who
edited and saved the article. 


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