[geeklog-devel] Image Resize

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Dec 21 04:08:18 EST 2013

Tom wrote:

> GD is by far the most popular followed by imagemagick and in a very distant
> third would be netpbm. Does anyone have an opinion on any of these
> libraries? If I do decide to add in some sort of image class Geeklog will
> probably have to drop support for netpbm.

I'm find with dropping netpbm.

I just want to suggest that we support more than one option. gdlib is compiled into PHP, but not always available. For such a case, we should support another option, preferably something users can install themselves. netpbm may actually be easier to install than ImageMagick, though, but it appears to be rather exotic these days.

bye, Dirk


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