[geeklog-devel] Image Resize

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sun Dec 22 11:33:43 EST 2013

I like Ben's class recommendation but there is no release date for
imagemagick support.  I haven't found any other classes online that support
both libraries and have a compatible license for Geeklog.

I should have checked out Pear sooner and I see they have an Image Transform
package that does what we need.


This package was written to provide a simpler and cross-library interface to
doing image transformations and manipulations.
It provides :

* support for GD, ImageMagick, Imagick and NetPBM
* files related functions
* addText
* Scale (by length, percentage, maximum X/Y)
* Resize
* Rotate (custom angle)
* Crop
* Mirror (Most drivers)
* Flip (Most drivers)
* Add border (soon)
* Add shadow (soon)

Does anyone have an opinion on this package? 


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It doesn't look like the upload class that Geeklog uses (for topic image,
and normal user images) would integrate well with retrieving images of
profiles for the oauth class.

Can anyone recommend a good image manipulation class that can resize images
that we can use with Geeklog?

It needs to support the GD and imagemagick libraries. The upload class does
support netpbm but I don't think it is used much anymore.


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