[geeklog-devel] Geeklog and 404 Errors

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Jan 4 10:37:15 EST 2013

Tom wrote:

> Geeklog also has a 404.php page which as far as I can tell is not used.

You're supposed to configure your webserver to display it in case of a 404. E.g. for Apache:

ErrorDocument 404 /404.php

> It
> also doesn't seem to return a 404 error code but just contains a nice
> message to the user with a few link options.  I am wondering if we should
> ditch this page but create a lib-common function that shows something
> similar that also includes the correct 404 header so search engines know not
> to visit. This way we would have a constant 404 error message across the
> site.

I can't remember the details, but the code that display the 404 page should not itself send a 404 - I think it was because the webserver already does it, if configured as shown above. Check some non-existing URL on geeklog.net - you'll see that it correctly returns a 404.

We should obviously explain somewhere how to use the 404.php, but other than that I don't see anything wrong with it as such.

bye, Dirk


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