[geeklog-devel] Fwd: [GSoC Mentors] Google Summer of Code 2013

Joe Mucchiello joe at throwingdice.com
Fri Mar 1 23:20:53 EST 2013

While you are there, look into the glFusion template engine that I
originally submitted to geeklog 6 years ago. Aside from some minor
tweaking, it looks untouched from the code I wrote all those years ago. It
is still a drop in replacement for the existing template engine that will
work with whatever templates are currently out in the wild and provides
many features lacking in the current engine, like conditional variables.
And it allows for caching entire pages if properly integrated into the
source of that page, like they've done in glFusion.


> Hmmm. That is something we will have to definitely look at. There is no
> point reinventing the wheel if we do not have to.
> Tom
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> For information there is a new session handler in the next glfusion [1]:

> and a new subscription system:

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