[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 2.0.0

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Mar 29 11:18:05 EDT 2013

>> No objections from me for sure - let's get this thing released, finally.

I was just about to release it and I checked the forum and notice this issue
reported (double sigh):


I added this bug report: 


A staticpage assigned to the Homepage cannot be viewed or searched for by
users other than the owner.

All topic staticpages are also not returned in search results for any user
except the owner.

1) The first question we need to ask is should a staticpage assigned to the
homepage be viewable as a standard staticpage?

Right now Geeklog has 3 topic states: Homepage, All Topics and one Topic.
When you go to view a homepage staticpage obviously you can't as  you are
not on the homepage anymore. This was really meant more for the use of
staticpage with centerblocks. My vote would be it is not viewable as a
standard staticpage because if it is, it opens up some other issues.

2) Depending on what the answer to question 1 is will dictate if a homepage
centerblock staticpage is searchable

3) Currently All topic staticpages can only be searched for if All Topics is
selected in the search form (along with any statucpage assigned to a
particular topic). If you have an individual topic selected then none
assigned to all topics will ever be returned.

I realize this doesn't make sense and was fixing the code to allow for all
topic staticpages to be returned along with the particular topic selected
(along with the staticpage comments).  I have to think on this a bit now
though. All Topics is not language specific  ... will this affect things for
sites that have language specific topics?

I guess the release is off at the moment while we think on this and solve
these couple of issues.

Let me know what you guys think


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