[geeklog-devel] Doing a Geeklog upgrade

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Mon Oct 7 17:23:39 EDT 2013

This would be the place J


We hope to release Geeklog 2.1.0 in the next month or so (beta) which fixes a number of bugs and adds a number of new features.


The latest code base is here:




You can check out and add bug report and feature requests here:




and your more than welcome to discuss any bugs, features patches you may have on this mailing list.







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Hi all,


I am working at upgrading a website based on a fairly old Geeklog 

release that has been patched and customised by various people over the 



After making good progress on hacking a CLI upgrade process to get it up 

to Geeklog 2.0.0, I decided I needed to find out what is the best 

channel to discuss with the Geeklog project. There are bugs which I've 

found and fixed, custom features in place or required that could be 

shared with upstream Geeklog.


It looks like this is the best list to join. Isn't it ?





Erwan HAMON - http://hamon.erwan.free.fr/


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