[geeklog-devel] Theme menu_in_footer and new template engine.

Erwan HAMON hamon.erwan at free.fr
Mon Oct 21 16:23:17 EDT 2013


I need to upgrade a couple of themes where {plg_menu_elements} is 
located in the left column.

If I want to use responsive design elements with  
$_CONF['left_blocks_in_footer'] then I need a corresponding 

I wrote such a feature in Geeklog 1.7 and ended up putting it in my 
theme's functions.php [theme]_siteHeader and [theme]_siteFooter.

It's still working in Geeklog 2.0. But I'd like to port the theme to the 
new template engine.

I'm not too sure if I need to write a custom [theme]_createHTMLDocument. 
Or will the new engine simply fill {plg_menu_elements} when it finds it 
in footer.thtml ?


Erwan HAMON - http://hamon.erwan.free.fr/

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