[geeklog-devel] DB upgrade to default DB schema.

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Mon Oct 21 20:17:42 EDT 2013

What version did you install from? I know we did a pretty in-depth test a couple of years ago on the install process (on a pre 1.5 database) and things seemed to be working fine at that point (once a bug was fixed).

Could you create a bug report in our tracker on this along with your sql script of fixes?



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If you install a really old version of Geeklog (eg: 1.4) then upgrade it to 2.0, the resulting database schema is not exactly the same as if you install a fresh 2.0. This does not help when looking for database customizations. It could also potentially be a source for weird bugs.

The attached script will bring an upgraded Geeklog DB schema to exactly the same as a fresh 2.0 install.


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