[geeklog-devel] DB upgrade to default DB schema.

Erwan HAMON hamon.erwan at free.fr
Tue Oct 22 16:01:33 EDT 2013

Le mardi 22 octobre 2013 07:59, Dirk Haun a écrit :
>Tom wrote:
>> What version did you install from? 


I'll fill the bug repport anyway.

>> I know we did a pretty in-depth
>> test a couple of years ago on the install process (on a pre 1.5
>> database) and things seemed to be working fine at that point (once
>> a bug was fixed).
>I think there were a few cases over the years where we decided that,
>say, a field didn't have to be an int but that a tinyint would also
>do - and then we didn't bother to update old databases accordingly.
>From a quick look at the script, I think most of what Erwan found
>falls into that category; so they're not strictly bugs, more like

I agree. Some fixes are down right cosmetic. Like getting indexes in the 
exact same order.

But my point was to have an upgrade script that got exactly to Geeklog 
2.0 so that I could apply it to my database and easily track database 

I did not want any distraction while parsing diffs.


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