[geeklog-devel] Issue in modern_curve/style.css.php

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Mon Sep 2 12:07:48 EDT 2013

Hi Dengen


Yeah I have no way to get that info without including lib-common. I wonder
if Geeklog should write that config value to siteconfig.php like we do for
the path and path_system. That way I can grab it easier.


Hmmm I just noticed modern curve doesn't display right with etag disabled,
it should I will have to check on that as well.


I also just notice that sitechonfig has 


$_CONF_FCK['imagelibrary'] = '/images/library';


set in it. Is this needed anymore with your new way of handling the advanced










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Hi Tom,

I found an issue in the modern_curve/style.css.php.

Line 54:
$path_html = $_CONF['path'] . 'public_html';

This line is hard-coded with 'public_html'.
If a site administrator uses 'htdocs' instead of 'public_html', page will
not display correctly.

Yoshinori Tahara - dengen

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