[geeklog-devel] Issue in modern_curve/style.css.php

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Sep 4 20:23:03 EDT 2013

Yeah, I realize after I wrote that message that siteconfig is read only
after a Geeklog Install or upgrade.


I need the following directories for style.css.php to work 

-          public_html 

-          layout - for location of theme and default theme

-          data - where to write the etag file


Loading in lib-common is out of the question since it takes too long.
Writing to site config is out of the question since it is read only and is
accessible by the web.


I could pass these variables to style.css.php in the url but that is a
security risk as well.


I can also determine the layout directory and public_html by doing something
like this in style.css.php:


// Set Path Variables

$path_html = dirname(dirname(getcwd()));

$path_themes = dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . "/";

$path_layout = $path_themes . $theme . '/';


But I would still have to guess at the data directory so that is no help.


I guess I could write these variables to another file located in
$_CONF['path'] and then retrieve them from there since I can retrieve
$_CONF['path'] from siteconfig.php.


I guess the only real solution is to write the following config values on
install (or when they are changed) to $_CONF['path'] and a file called
path-config.php the following variables:






I can then retrieve them in the file style.css.php and then use the
information to generate the css and the etag.


Does anyone have a better solution?







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2013/9/3 Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net>

I wonder if Geeklog should write that config value to siteconfig.php like we
do for the path and path_system. That way I can grab it easier.

Sounds good for me.
Do the risks not increase?

Yoshinori Tahara - dengen

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