[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 2.2.0 - What do we want?

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sat Aug 23 10:50:03 EDT 2014

Hi All,

Here is a list of items that I see as important and I would like to see
tackled in the next version of Geeklog. This doesn't mean that everything is
going to make it but I want to reach out to the community to get your ideas.

For those of you interested in possibly helping out let us know which
item(s) you are hoping to work on. Also if you have any features you would
like to possibly add to Geeklog let us know.

The things I plan on tackling first would be the OAuth stuff and the Page

1. Update OAuth Library
	- Add page to wiki showing how to make it easier for other
	- We should this for other outside libraries we use (file manager,
jquery, editors, etc...)
2. Remove MSSQL and/or PGSQL Support
3. Update CK Editor
3. Fix Bugs
	- Fix not support browser for CK Editor (#0001753)
	- etc...
4. Update Geeklog.net 
	- Use Downloads Plugin
	- Developers Page
5. XMLSitemap Plugin - Add dedicated API (#0001757)
6. Create Page Class (combining it with COM_createHTMLDocument)
	- Add Pagination with rel="next" and rel="prev"
	- Depreciate COM_siteHeader, COM_siteFooter
	- COM_createHTMLDocument would still be available for backwards
7. OAuth Users to the submission queue (#0001736)
8. Multiple Topics in Search (#0001670)
9. Drop support for LDAP and Live Journal authentication. OpenID?
10. Demo Site option (#1059)
11. HTML 5 theme

12. Integrate GSOC Calendar project (Ben??)
13. Plugin Repository GSOC project



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