[geeklog-devel] wiki.geeklog.net DNS issue

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Thu Feb 20 17:59:39 EST 2014

I currently have no problems on this end reaching the wiki site (thanks for
monitoring it BTW).

I currently use another service to monitor my sites. Montastic is free... I
will have to try it out.


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The free monitoring service I use (yay for monitoring) Montastic.com started
having trouble reaching wiki.geeklog.net this morning around 11am EST.

My own blog site also unreachable.  Traced it to DNS issue - a DDoS against
the DNS servers of namecheap.com.

I am not sure why the geeklog wiki is affected, unless the DNS SOA for
wiki.geeklog.net is also namecheap?

Or perhaps other Internet DNS servers are under attack?

- Dan Stoner
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