[geeklog-devel] Filemanager integration

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Thu Jan 2 11:28:45 EST 2014

You could start working on it now and create a separate branch in the
Geeklog Repository for it that we can integrate later (either into 2.1.0 or
a later version). If there are not to many changes we can see about adding
it in for Geeklog 2.1.0 but I guess it depends on when the actual release
happens and when you finish up.

A few questions/thoughts

- Is this the File Manager we want to use? I have not looked into any
- Can we try to make the File Manager easy to plugin and switch if wanted
(like how the advance editor works) or is this not easy or worth doing?
- Should we get it to work with the FCKEditor as well?
- The MIT license is compatible with our licence correct?
- Geeklogs jQuery version is 1.10.2. It looks like the File Manager may need
the migrate plugin. If so this should probably be setup through the scripts
class in case other Geeklog plugins need the migrate plugin as well.


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Hi all, I know Geeklog-2.1.0 beta or release candidate is about to come out,
but I would like to integrate Filemanager[*1], a GUI image browser, into
Geeklog, since CKEditor shipped with GL-2.1.0 lacks one.  Or should I wait
until after GL-2.1.0 is released?  Any thoughts?

[*1] https://github.com/simogeo/Filemanager
Kenji ITO

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