[geeklog-devel] https://www.geeklog.net/

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Jan 2 13:42:01 EST 2014

Please read that subject line again carefully - yes, geeklog.net is now finally running over https

We've talked about this before, with Geeklog being "The secure CMS" and all that, and I've decided the new year would be a good time to finally make that switch.

A nice surprise: I was willing to pay for the certificate out of our sponsor money, but pair.com decided to sponsor it. Thank you!

The certificate is of the "basic" variety and valid for 2 years. So we've got until the end of next year to decide what we want to do after that.

All old http: links should automatically redirect to https: There are probably still quite a few hard-coded http: links all over the place - we may want to consider doing a site migration on the next site update to get rid of those.

In the meantime, if you find any non-working links or pages where your browser warns you about a mix of secure and insecure content (usually because of images that use http: links), let me know.

bye, Dirk


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