[geeklog-devel] Filemanager integration

Kenji ITO geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Thu Jan 2 18:37:26 EST 2014

Tom wrote:

> You could start working on it now and create a separate branch in the
> Geeklog Repository for it that we can integrate later (either into 2.1.0
> or a later version). If there are not to many changes we can see about
> adding it in for Geeklog 2.1.0 but I guess it depends on when the actual
> release happens and when you finish up.

Filemanager is working now with CKEditor on my PC and my website.

> A few questions/thoughts
> - Is this the File Manager we want to use? I have not looked into any
> others.

Free file browsers I know include Filemanager, KCFinder, and elFinder. 
Filemanager is mature and is being developed now, while the other two seem
to stop developing.  If you know other options, please tell us.

> - Can we try to make the File Manager easy to plugin and switch if wanted
> (like how the advance editor works) or is this not easy or worth doing?

I don't think it necessary to make Filemanager a Geeklog plugin, but it is
easy to enable/disable and/or do access control over it.

> - Should we get it to work with the FCKEditor as well?

I am not sure.  If it is necessary to do so, Filemanager can be made to
work with FCKeditor and/or tinyMCE, though.

> - The MIT license is compatible with our licence correct?

As Dirk said, it is compatible with GLPv2.

> - Geeklogs jQuery version is 1.10.2. It looks like the File Manager may
> need the migrate plugin. If so this should probably be setup through
> the scripts class in case other Geeklog plugins need the migrate plugin
> as well.

Filemanager is originally implemented as an HTML file and I changed it
into a PHP file to add access control and dynamic configuration.  So I
don't use Geeklog template engine or COM_createHTMLDocument().  Thus, I
use jQuery-1.8.3 shipped with Filemanager.
Kenji ITO

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