[geeklog-devel] Filemanager integration

Kenji ITO geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Fri Jan 3 18:29:59 EST 2014

Tom wrote:

>>> I don't think it necessary to make Filemanager a Geeklog plugin, but it
> is easy to enable/disable and/or do access control over it.
> I didn't mean an actual Geeklog plugin. I am not sure how the file manager
> is integrated (is it directly integrated into the editor or does Geeklog
> act as a go between) but if possible make it like the editors and easy for
> someone to add a different "File Manager" if they want. As I said this may
> not be possible or worth doing...

Filemanager is independent of any WYSIWYG editor.  When I integrated it
with CKEditor, I changed just one file,
/public_html/editors/ckeditor/config.js.  It would be as easy to integrate
other file managers like KCFinder.

>>> I am not sure.  If it is necessary to do so, Filemanager can be made to
> work with FCKeditor and/or tinyMCE, though.
> You should maybe try to see if you can get it working with the FCKEditor
> as I have a feeling that Geeklog 2.1.0 will be shipping with it. This way
> the framework will be in place for the File Manger to be used by different
> editors. (ie someone may update Geeklog with the tinyMCE editor and way
> want to incorporate the File Manager we already have)

As I said above, it would be easy to make Filemanager work with FCKeditor.
 I will work on it.

>>>Filemanager is originally implemented as an HTML file and I changed it
> into a PHP file to add access control and dynamic configuration.  So I
> don't use Geeklog template engine or COM_createHTMLDocument().  Thus, I
>> use jQuery-1.8.3 shipped with Filemanager.
> I hate to see 2 versions of jQuery ship with Geeklog but if it is the best
> way to go then go ahead. Will the File Manager be fairly easy to upgrade
> when a new version comes out?

Well, it is fairly easy to upgrade Filemanager.  I haven't changed any
code in any file of Filemanager.  I just created one PHP file from an HTML
file and changed one CKeditor configuration file.
Kenji ITO

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