[geeklog-devel] Add a new feature handle the Ajax request

Yoshinori Tahara taharaxp at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 01:37:08 EST 2014


Actually, I suggest modification of COM_startBlock function in relation to
this discussion.
Currently, a JavaScript code is embedded in the COM_startBlock function.
The reason is because to be embedded the values of $LANG32[60] and
$_CONF['theme'] in the JavaScript code.
Since this function embeds div elements in a head element of a HTML
document, it can not pass the W3C HTML validation.
And it is not elegant for me.

I want to move JavaScript code to an external file (e.g. ajax_parts.js).
Using Ajax, the values of $LANG32[60] and $_CONF['theme'] can be obtained

Yoshinori Tahara - dengen
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