[geeklog-devel] [geeklog-hg] geeklog: Plugin upload feature now rejects upload of a plugin th...

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Jan 5 05:22:37 EST 2014

"Kenji ITO" <geeklog at mystral-kk.net> wrote:

> No.  A newer version doesn't overwrite the existing one, whether it is
> enabled or disabled.

That would be a step back, then. We implemented plugin upload so that people can install plugins from within Geeklog instead of having to fiddle about with files. That should include the option to upload newer plugin versions, i.e. updating already installed plugins.

Looking at bug #1715 again, it seems that the actual problem only happens when you upload the same version of a plugin that's already installed. So we should figure out a way to prevent that. Or maybe tell plugin authors to handle that case gracefully.

But I'd argue that this case is the exception anyway. We shouldn't disable a useful option (upgrading to a newer version) just because of this edge case.

In other words: In my opinion, the change should be reverted (and the bug reopened).

bye, Dirk


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