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Kenji ITO geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Sun Jan 5 06:44:08 EST 2014

Dirk wrote:

>> No.  A newer version doesn't overwrite the existing one, whether it is
>> enabled or disabled.
> That would be a step back, then. We implemented plugin upload so that
> people can install plugins from within Geeklog instead of having to fiddle
> about with files. That should include the option to upload newer plugin
> versions, i.e. updating already installed plugins.
> Looking at bug #1715 again, it seems that the actual problem only happens
> when you upload the same version of a plugin that's already installed. So
> we should figure out a way to prevent that. Or maybe tell plugin authors
> to handle that case gracefully.
> But I'd argue that this case is the exception anyway. We shouldn't disable
> a useful option (upgrading to a newer version) just because of this edge
> case.
> In other words: In my opinion, the change should be reverted (and the bug
> reopened).

OK, I fixed the bug in a different way.  This bug happened as follows:

1. The Menu plugin is installed.
2. The user uploads the same plugin.  (The version doesn't matter.)
3. Geeklog disables the plugin, removes the files under data/plugin_name/
directory, upgrades the plugin and redirects to the plugin manager.
4. The Menu plugin expects the files under data/plugin_name/ directory are
left as they were and writes a file with an invalid path with
file_put_contents() function.
5. The error occurs.

Since it does little harm not to remove the files under data/plugin_name/
directory, I changed to skip the step.
Kenji ITO

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