[geeklog-devel] Filemanager integration

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sat Jan 11 10:36:54 EST 2014

Hey Kenji ITO,

What is your estimate on a merge with the Filemanager?

Hey Yoshinori Tahara

What is your estimate on finishing the ajax and bug #0001543?

Hey Dirk

I've added a new config option for the title to id functionality and by
default it is disabled. This means a new language variable. I believe Kenji
is also planning to add a new config option so hold off on updating the
language files until he is done (unless he says otherwise).

Along with the release I think I should update Geeklog.net so I would like
to try to get the done in maybe 2 weeks (if my schedule holds).

I have also updated the Config docs and theme docs with new information. If
someone in the Japanese community could translate my changes for  there docs
I would appreciate it (since Google Translate does a bad job). I have
updated the History file with the major new features and bug fixes but if
anyone notices anything missing please add it in.



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Tom wrote:

> How will access control work? Are you planning to add a 
> filemanager.admin right and enable it for the Story and Staticpage Admin

I will add a filemanager.admin for the Story and Staticpage Admin groups.

> I am also wondering if the user has access we could allow them to 
> launch it directly from the Control Panel under the tools section?

Unlike the filemanager shipped with FCKeditor, it is easy to launch the
Filemanager directly from the control panel, since it is independent of any
WYSIWYG editor.
Kenji ITO

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