[geeklog-devel] Filemanager integration

Kenji ITO geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Sat Jan 25 17:15:55 EST 2014

Dirk wrote:

> Tom wrote:
>> I've added a new config option for the title to id functionality and by
>> default it is disabled. This means a new language variable. I believe
>> Kenji
>> is also planning to add a new config option so hold off on updating the
>> language files until he is done (unless he says otherwise).
> I just ran the script but it seems that all the language files are already
> up to date. Looks like Kenji added all the new strings to all the language
> files (not manually, I would hope).

Yes, I modified your "lm" tool a bit and synced all the language files on
my Windows PC.
Kenji ITO

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