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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Mar 11 09:42:33 EDT 2015

Back when I tested both early in 2014 I found both to work well but
reCaptcha did let more spam happen. reCaptcha is used by many sites so it is
recognized by most spam bots.

I liked the Captcha plugin because it allowed you to hide the slider
function while it still tried to trick the spam bots.  This is what I really
liked since it was one less steps for my users to submit content.

The good thing about reCaptcha though is that they are constantly updating
it to fight spam bots.

What would be interesting though is getting the new No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA
implemented.  It is a lot less difficult for users and apparently harder for


I would also like the ability to select from one of the 4 themes available
with the current reCaptcha implementation



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Ben's CAPTCHA plugin is very smart.
I like this plugin.
But mystral-kk's reCAPTCHA plugin is more secure.

Sometimes spammer create new acount althogh using Captcha plugin, but no
spammer by using reCAPTCHA plugin.

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