[geeklog-devel] Google shutting down Google Code

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Mar 14 11:25:15 EDT 2015

> Speaking of which, I also received an email from Google Code about our GSoC repositories
> 	• google-summer-of-code-2007-geeklog
> 	• google-summer-of-code-2008-geeklog
> 	• google-summer-of-code-2009-geeklog
> 	• google-summer-of-code-2010-geeklog
> These contain the contributions of our GSoC students for the respective years.

Turns out those aren't really repositories but just tarballs of the student's work which they had to upload there at the end of the respective GSoC. I've mirrored them on http://project.geeklog.net



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