[geeklog-devel] Function CTL_plugin_themebaseURL name changed to CTL_plugin_themeFindFile and new CTL_plugin_setTemplatesFunctions Function

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sun May 24 12:55:29 EDT 2015

Just a not to developers the new function CTL_plugin_themebaseURL that was
added for the upcoming version of Geeklog has had its named changed to
CTL_plugin_themeFindFile. This gives it a better description of the function
since it now can return the physical path to a template file as well.

I have also added a new function called CTL_plugin_setTemplatesFunctions
which I failed to mention in the Commit description (oops).

This function now allows plugins to have their own functions.php file in
their template/theme directory which would work similar to how a theme's
function.php file works. This file would not be required. This way the
plugin theme templates could specify what additional javascript files,
javascript librarys and css files it needs and Geeklog could add it if the
current theme has not already.

The forum plugin makes use of all of these changes. For code examples check
the latest forum plugin code found in its repository.



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