[geeklog-devel] No articles on geeklog.net when not logged in?

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Tue Sep 1 09:40:51 EDT 2015

Clear the Cache again.

I have checked before and the cache files are there but they have no data. I
am not sure what is going on especially since I can't reproduce it on my own
site even in heavy traffic.

I have monatastic.com checking Geeklog.net every hour for the past year or
so. Once every couple of months I may get a warning that the site is down.
Last week I got 13 warnings (3 on Sunday) but the site is always backup
within a few minutes (I have never found it down but I have never had a
chance to check the minute I got the email). The week before I got 3
warnings, and the week before that 2 warnings that Geeklog.net is down.

I am assuming that the server is overloaded either by bots swarming our
website or by someone else's account. I haven't had a chance to look into
this yet. (Dirk if you have the time???)

Maybe during maxed out server resources the cache problem happens??? It's a
little weird though that it is only happening to story content on the
homepage (though it is the most visiting page). It also would have to happen
when the cache files are created which is set at once every 24 hours for


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cordiste wrote:

> No articles are displayed on the geeklog.net front page when I'm not 
> logged-in :(

I know, it's the same for everyone.

My question was: Is there any information we can derive from the current
status or should I just go ahead and clear the cache again?



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