[geeklog-users] db backup, how to use it?

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Tue May 13 03:40:07 EDT 2003

Scroff wrote:

>I did a db backup through gl db backup. I
>have myphpadmin, what do i do with the backup to restore? 

Create a new database (if you haven't already done so) and select it. On
recent versions of phpMyAdmin, you will see a tab labelled "SQL" - select
that. There's a browse button there that lets you select your backup file
(to upload it to your webserver, so you may have to download it first).
Click on "Go" and it should import it.

However, you may run into a timeout when you have a huge database. In
that case, doing it from the command line (if you have SSH or telnet
access) would be better:

    mysql -u[username] -p -D [database_name] < backup_file.sql

replacing [username] and [database_name] with the obvious information ...

bye, Dirk


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