[geeklog-users] non-blog dynamic content in geeklog

geeklog-users-admin at lists.geeklog.net geeklog-users-admin at lists.geeklog.net
Wed May 21 07:54:11 EDT 2003

Alright, I'm relatively new to geeklog, and I'm struggling to incorporate 
other dynamic web pages into geeklog.  For example, I'm setting up an online 
photo album using Gallery (http://gallery.sourceforge.net).  I'd like that 
album to be part of geeklog, i.e. I'd like to keep the geeklog header and 
left+right blocks when displaying the photo album.  What's the easiest way to 
accomplish this feat?  So far I've been able to create a link to gallery, but 
gallery replaces all of geeklog.


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