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Not to sound rude, but I'm well aware of how to call it using the block
function and I did mean lib-custom.php (bad habit of typing lib-common.php)

Anyway, I have the blocks working fine on every page, however if you look at
any article where you have 'read more' the article.php file only returns to
left blocks (what's related & story options). I wish to add on of my custom
blocks to show up under those two blocks or add the entire left side blocks
underneath them.

Does that make more sense?


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>I wish to add a custom block to article.php.
>However, I'm not really good at coding and I was looking for a little help
>as to where I would put the code, and how could I call it from

In what way do you mean "block"? Normally, you wouldn't add anything to
lib-common.php for a block that shows up on the right or left column.

If the block contains no dynamic content, you can do it directly from the
block editor.

If the block contains dynamic content (i.e., PHP code), you add the code to
lib-custom.php in the "geeklog/system" directory. For example, the following
will create a php_block that displays the current weekday:

function phpblock_weekday() {
	$theDayName = date('%l');
	$theText = "Today is $theDayName.";
	return $theText;

Any phpblock has to begin with "phpblock". You then add the function's name
to the phpblock section of the block editor.

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