[geeklog-users] Security - Remove from Group

Ed e at marinx.com
Sat Nov 1 12:57:32 EST 2003

Hello, I'm using GL 1.3.8 sr2

I've noticed strange security context behavior when using groups:

1) Create group "GROUP1"
2) Assign standard core group rights like Event Admin, Story Admin to group
3) Create new user "USER1" (has only All Users, Logged In Users assigned)
4) Add USER1 to GROUP1
5) Verify USER1's permission and they are just fine
6) Remove USER1 from GROUP1
7) Verify USER1's permissions - they are still the same as before (with
Event Admin and Story Admin)

So it appears that removing a user from a group does not UN-INHERIT
permissions, but they just stay.
That sort of defeats the purpose of groups when dealing with large #s of

Any suggestions on what I could try to fix this?


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