[geeklog-users] No array notifications for new users

mandoline mandom mandoline_m at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 13 09:53:42 EST 2003


First i would like to send a big thank you to all responsible for GeekLog.
I have looked at (too many) CMS already but GeekLog really did it for me!

Everything works (as far as i know) except for one thing, i can't receive
any notifications from the system when a new user subscribes to the site.

In config.php i did this;
$_CONF['notification'] = array ('user');

My system is a FreeBSD 4.5 with Apache 1.3.27 + mod_php 4.3.1 and MySql 3.23
and all other functions as sending out passwords to new users works very 

Thanks in advance,
Per Näsvall

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