[geeklog-users] Problems with special characters

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Nov 13 17:14:47 EST 2003

Dirk is right, this was a huge pain brought on by a number of complaints 
, most notably by Rob of macosxhints.com.  We have fixed it but GL2 will 
handle all this stuff in a way that requires no addslashes or 
stripslashes in the code.  The unfortunate implication though, is that 
when GL2 does come out, old stories may be a bit borked.  Before you 
fret, we may very well try to 'fix' this inside the migration scripts 
but remember, this is not a trivial fix giving the mess we have.


Dirk Haun wrote:
> Alberto,
>>Have you tried the same with <pre>...</pre>?
> Contrary to popular belief, all that the <pre> does it display the
> contents between the tags in a fixed-width font. Any other tags will
> still be rendered, i.e.
>     <pre><b>test</b></pre>
> will give you the word "test" in a bold, fixed-width font. The same
> applies for <code>.
> Geeklog's [code] pseudo tag silently replaces the '<' and '>' with <
> and >.
> bye, Dirk

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