[geeklog-users] No array notifications for new users

mandoline mandom mandoline_m at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 18 16:56:29 EST 2003

Hi all!

This problem is now solved, first, hotmail didn't like receiving mail
from a system where the reply to address was same as the sender.
Second, my sendmail was not able to do a reverse DNS-lookup on
one of my virtual interfaces with IP-alias.

Thanks for your help!


>>Are you able to get any email generated by the system (i.e. do you get an 
>>email when you register?)
>Yes, the emails with account information are sent ok
>to all but *@hotmail.com addresses. For a start I was
>using a *@hotmail.com address for site admin...
>When digging deeper into the problem it seems that
>the MTA of hotmail refuses to accept emails from my
>system when the user 'www' (apache user) sends them.
>I forgot to tell that i'm using version 1.3.8sr2 of GL.
>Btw, the php.ini sendmail config seems ok.

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