[geeklog-users] Geeklog Version

Jerry Rocteur macosx at rocteur.cc
Sat Nov 22 16:57:15 EST 2003


Stupid question perhaps but I've been out of the loop for a year, I've 
got 3 Geeklog sites and I'm upgrading, I have different versions but 
I'm trying to find out which version I have and I can't find it ??

I've looked at the FAQ etc. but could not find this and I looked in 
config.php and found this:

// | Geeklog 1.3
// $Id: config.php,v 2002/06/09 21:12:33 dhaun Exp $

  So I guess I have but then, the new one says:

// $Id: config.php,v 2003/10/12 12:33:54 dhaun Exp $

And it is supposed to be 1.38 so I'm barking up the wrong tree. ... .



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