[geeklog-users] Making this list less anonymous

Chris 'Chipper' Chiapusio chipper at llamas.net
Thu Oct 2 09:39:01 EDT 2003

I would MUCH prefer to turn anonymous_list off and ensure that 
obscure_addresses is enabled.


On Sat, 27 Sep 2003 geeklog-users-admin at lists.geeklog.net wrote:

>This is a question to the users of this list regarding the cloaking of
>their email addresses when posting to the list.
>When this list was originally started, the email addresses of all posters
>were exposed both in the list and in the list archives. After someone
>complained about this (and rightly so), we switched to what we currently
>have: When you post to the list, your name and email adddress is replaced
>with geeklog-users-admin[at]lists.geeklog.net.
>This, however, makes the list a bit too anonymous for my tastes. As some
>people don't add their names to the message text, it's often hard to even
>know who you're talking too.
>As it seems, the mailing list software we're using offers another option.
>It would make the name and email address fully visible again on all posts
>to the list but not in the archives. Since all our mailing lists require
>subscribing, chances that someone subscribes to them only to get the
>email addresses are pretty low, IMHO. In the archives, such a post would
>look like this one:
>As you can see, it shows my name, but not my email address.
>Any objections against making that switch?
>bye, Dirk

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