[geeklog-users] File Management Plugin

Ola Ogunneye oogunney at adventisthealthcare.com
Fri Apr 30 13:39:21 EDT 2004

Check your php.ini file and change the file upload limit to what you
want. The default is 2MB but since you are saying 8096, then look at the
size of the file and then change it to whatever you want. But do it in
PHP.ini file

Good luck

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>>> whip at gocougs.org 04/30/04 1:22 PM >>>
I am getting an error with the File Management Plugin and was wondering
anyone knew a solution.  

I have the plugin working so I can post files.  When I try to post a
file (4-6mb), I get errors.  The error I get on the screen relates to a
permission error.  But in the apache error log, I get:

URI too long (longer than 8190)

Is there a size limitation for uploading files through the File
Plugin?  If so, how can I set the size limitation?


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