[geeklog-users] style attribute in story html tags

Ray Benjamin raybenjamin at comcast.net
Thu May 6 15:40:00 EDT 2004

I was trying to mark up a story that was to include some blocks of HTML
designed to look like Google output for demonstration purposes.  I
marked the blocks up using a div tag so I could give it a lightgray
background-color via a style attribute.  That worked fine.  I also
needed to mark up the text with underline tags and span tags with the
style attribute so that I could change the color of the text.  I changed
the allowed tags in config.php so that the Story admin could add the
style attribute to div and p tags and use the underline tag.  For some
reason, though, my style attributes were changed from:

style="color: blue"

-- to --


somewhere in the processing of the story.  This prevents me from
changing the color of the text in the story, so the example Google
output doesn't look nearly as good.  I'd like to find a way to fix this,
hopefully without having to hack any big pieces of geeklog code.

Any suggestions?


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