[geeklog-users] static pages

Vincent Furia vmf at abtech.org
Fri May 21 07:59:28 EDT 2004

The menu referred to is the found along the top of most geeklog pages.

Whether you can see static pages with the "add to menu" box checked 
often depends on your theme.  Some themes allow geeklog to place links 
along the top (which lets the staticpages add links up there).  Other 
themes have the links manually entered in the thtml file (in which case 
you'd have to edit the file to add the links.


Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> i have a question about static pages
> the add-a-static-page page has a check box for "add to menu"
> i have created several static pages with this option checked, but do not 
> see them being added to any menus
> where is this menu that they are added to?
> wade
> Utah PHP Users Group
> uphpu.org
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