[geeklog-users] Comment Spammers

Zach Shelton mail at zachofalltrades.net
Tue May 25 18:05:15 EDT 2004

just an idea:

Does there exist a registry of porn site URLs similar to the ones
maintained for spam blacklists? If so, then it would be possible to check
against such a list and reject any comment that contains a link to a site
on the list...

Ray Benjamin said:
> I'm having problems with someone or some group posting comments to
> articles on my site that are just links to porn sites.  It's not really
> the kind of image I want for my site.  I'm trying to find the right way
> to handle the problem.  I expect to get more traffic in a few months and
> I'm hoping it will be impractical to police every comment by hand.
> At first I disabled comments except from users that were logged in, but
> I've found that discourages a lot of people from commenting.  It might
> be nice if there were a filter plugin that would allow me to set up
> keywords and phrases that would cause a comment to be rejected.
> Does anyone know if something like this is under development?  If not I
> might take a crack at it myself.
> Thanks,
>   Ray
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