[geeklog-users] Trying to solve a problem...any ideas?

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu May 27 08:52:27 EDT 2004

Maybe this was checked before in this thread and I missed it but it 
sounds like register_globals in php.ini is turned off.  It must be on.


Stephen Adams wrote:

> On May 26, 2004, at 16:01, Dirk Haun wrote:
>> Stephen,
>>> Logged in as Admin.  No joy.  Then, when I went to check
>>> permissions for Admin in the user admin section, I just
>>> get dumped back to the main user admin screen.  Hmm.
>> Hmm, some cookie problem, maybe? Does the URL change while you navigate
>> your site? Or are you using frame forwarding?
>> <http://www.geeklog.net/faqman/index.php?op=view&t=26> explains some of
>> the things to look out for
> Checked all of that.  No joy. :-(  No forwarding, either.
> This is very strange.
> I can login as admin or moderator, but can't make any changes
> of any kind.  Trying to modify a user, it just returns to the
> user list screen (instead of the user modification screen). Try
> to moodify an article, it give an access error.  Try to delete
> an article, it just returns to the article list screen.
> I can post and approve new articles, though.
> ???
>  -Stephen
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