[geeklog-users] Link/story admin probs

jen funk segrest jen at verybigdesign.com
Thu Nov 18 23:46:35 EST 2004

It appears to be systemic.

Link admins cannot admin links that they did not produce. Same with 
story admins. How do I fix this?

(I have installed the  Group Access Chk block to remove access privs 
from the two basic groups, so basically the only people WHO CAN post 
are people I specially set with a custom group so there is no risk now 
of joeschmo adding crap and all regs are approved)

Also I want Group edit privs checked on in the submit window by default 
across the board, there has to be a way. WHere would I go for that?

http://www.macmentor.org/switch is the geeklog site we are working on...

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