[geeklog-users] Error after upgrade from 1.3.7sr1 to 1.4.1

Blank, Jessica Jessica.Blank at mtvnmix.com
Thu Feb 14 12:58:10 EST 2008


	I am working on an upgrade from a somewhat modified 1.3.7sr1
system to a stock 1.4.1 system. In both cases, the system ran on Linux
using MySQL.

	Upon untarring 1.4.1 to our system and editing config.php to
taste, I browsed to http://SITENAME/admin/install/install.php. I
selected 'Upgrade MySQL Database' and provided the path to config.php.

	I hit 'Next > >'. At this point, the program took me to
http://SITENAME/admin/install/success.php, which complained 'An SQL
error has occurred. Please see error.log for details.' Nevertheless,
when I attempted to select 'Upgrade MySQL Database' once more, I was
told that my database was already up to date.

	So, as an obvious next step, I browsed to http://SITENAME, to
see if my new 1.4.1 setup was ready to use.

	This page-- the root-level page of the entire site-- also said
'An SQL error has occurred. Please see error.log for details.'

	Consulting error.log, I simply found this error, over and over:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds
to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at
line 1. SQL in question: SELECT DISTINCT ft_name FROM
gl_access,gl_features WHERE ft_id = acc_ft_id AND acc_grp_id IN () 

	Note the empty parentheses at the end.

	It would seem that the system is having difficulty detecting the
group (and possibly also the user) of the user executing the Geeklog

	Any ideas on what I can do to solve this issue??

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