[geeklog-devel] Welcome to the Future

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Dec 22 04:58:10 EST 2002


I've moved all subscribers of the geeklog-core list over to this list
which is now hosted on our own server, geeklog.net.

This is now the "true" developers list. Once we move over the other
geeklog-devel list from Sourceforge, it will be renamed to geeklog-users.

In short:

sf.net                  geeklog.net
------                  -----------
geeklog-core            geeklog-devel
geeklog-devel           geeklog-users
geeklog-translations    geeklog-translations
geeklog-cvs             geeklog-cvs

I've also successfully set up a Geeklog site at pair.com, so we only need
to sort out the DNS issues and then we're ready to make the switch ...

bye, Dirk


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