[geeklog-devel] Welcome to the Future

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Dec 23 00:00:26 EST 2002

I have verified that the www portion of geeklog.net is point to the 
pair.com servers.  Whenever they decide to finally get around to 
replying to our request on help for setting up a vhost we'll be done.

Dirk, have you played much with http://project.geeklog.net?  Just 
wondering if it is good enough to start moving bugs and what not over 
from sf.net soon.  Also, cvs is set up and running but I think I 
inadvertantly broke chora, the CVS viewer.  I'll get that fixed here 
hopefully before the xmas break.  Chora 1.2 is in a final RC state and 
they do expect it to be the final release so I'll probably just grab a 
fresh copy of it.


Dirk Haun wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> I've moved all subscribers of the geeklog-core list over to this list
> which is now hosted on our own server, geeklog.net.
> This is now the "true" developers list. Once we move over the other
> geeklog-devel list from Sourceforge, it will be renamed to geeklog-users.
> In short:
> sf.net                  geeklog.net
> ------                  -----------
> geeklog-core            geeklog-devel
> geeklog-devel           geeklog-users
> geeklog-translations    geeklog-translations
> geeklog-cvs             geeklog-cvs
> I've also successfully set up a Geeklog site at pair.com, so we only need
> to sort out the DNS issues and then we're ready to make the switch ...
> bye, Dirk

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